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Cover by Sergio Ponchione

PUCK#1 - Cover by Sergio Ponchione

PUCK (formerly known as "The Artist") is an underground comic magazine, founded in 2001 by Ivan Manuppelli (known as Hurricane) , Emanuele Fossati and Marco Falatti. In more than 10 years they have published the best names in cartoon animation, street art, low brow and underground comix culture: Bruno Bozzetto, Osvaldo Cavandoli, Jay Lynch, Bill Griffith, Frank Stack, The Air Pirates, Gilbert Shelton, John Holmstrom, Franco Trincale, Matteo Guarnaccia, Max Capa, Gino Gavioli, Paolo Bacilieri, Sergio Ponchione, Paco Alcazar, Al Jaffee, Tom Bunk, Hunt Emerson, Winston Smith and more…

In 2011 the crew published PUCK COMIC PARTY, a surrealistic “narrative corpse” with more than 170 cartoonists for the same story. The issue was exposed by Art Spiegelman in “Le musée privé” in Angouleme 2012.

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